We are seeking a full time, committed cisgender female submissive with a passion for this lifestyle to live and work with us at Ravish Gardens. In addition to a deep, meaningful and intimate relationship, we seek someone capable of providing input, sharing ideas and that will take pleasure in their service to us and share our passion for what we do. Though maturity is far more important than age, 27-45 is preferable. Someone that is sincere, honest, reliable, emotionally stable, intelligent, reasonably refined, and dedicated. Serious bonus points if you happen to have any hospitality, event planning or marketing experience. On the lighter side, we would love to find someone that is sweet, thoughtful with a good sense of humor and that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

As appreciation for your contribution to our lives, our household, and our organization it would be our pleasure to provide for your room, board and basic living expenses. We offer a stable home life that is primarily free of drama and financial burden for the right person. You would however need to come to us unencumbered; free of children at home, pets and any emotional baggage or other relations that would be a barrier to real intimacy.

Please consider this a conversation starter. If living in such an environment and having a committed relationship with an adoring and doting couple appeals to you, I would invite you to send a thoughtful message if you’d like to chat.