Ravish holds public cocktail socials as well as private parties.  In general, unless otherwise noted, “cocktail attire” is the most appropriate style for all Ravish events. Think somewhere in between formal wear and business casual. Not sure what cocktail attire means? When in doubt, choose dark, muted colors. For the men: suits, ties and slacks with a button shirt a perfect. For the ladies: a little black dress, fun jewelry, heels (if that’s your thing) or other garments that are a step up from basic “business casual.” Our motto is essentially this; be yourself and wear what makes you feel good! Think about how you can best represent yourself in a way that makes you feel comfortable, sexy and confident.

For our themed private parties, many of our guests enjoy having an opportunity to wear unique attire that fits with the theme.  If that sounds like fun to you, we encourage you to think about what that particular party theme means to you and interpret it to create an ensemble that’s unique to you.

What not to wear: jeans, sneakers, casual shorts, t-shirts or anything that could otherwise be considered “streetwear.” Please also avoid clothing that may be considered too risque or revealing during our cocktail socials as they are held in a public space.

So get dressed in your best and spend some time with us!