Ravish Gardens prides itself on being sexy, friendly and inclusive. Our events are fun and exciting for couples, trios and more. We aim to create social and party experiences that are accessible and accommodating to all sides of the social, sexual, relationship and gender spectrum. This includes swinger, fetish, polyamorous and even the occasional “vanilla” adults!

How may this philosophy play out you might ask? Well the first thing to expect is that a Ravish event will typically be held in a beautiful location, whether that’s a classy cocktail bar, private residence or property. The first encounter you might have at a Ravish event is a warm welcome by either the group leaders or active group members. Expect to mingle and engage in conversation while meeting plenty of other like-minded folks!

If you’re shy and it’s your first time just remember to keep an open mind and remember that all Ravish members are present because of a common goal — to meet other fabulous people! We encourage you to step out of your shell and strike up a conversation with someone you might not know; we are fairly certain you won’t be disappointed.

Our larger events are often themed, and usually include food, beverage, and entertainment. Expect to be greeted and oriented to the event space, and to be immersed in sexy and lively surroundings. Be sure to first read our Event Rules page to learn about the basic parameters of how to conduct yourself.